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BTS BT21 Who Is Who

BTS BT21 Who Is Who?

Everyone needs a little cute BT21 in their lives. Over the years, Korean superstars BTS, have continued to gain wide recognition between hardcore American K-pop fans and other fans across the world. Prince TATA from Planet BT, traveling with VAN, crashed on Earth. TATA decides to become a star to spread love. Fortunately, they made some other fascinating members to make BT21. These include KOYA, SHOOKY, RJ, CHIMMY, MANG, and COOKY. Here is a quick summary of BT21 who is who:

TATA – Super Curious Soul, Prince

Prince TATA from planet BT. TATA has a super stretchy body and super natural powers. TATA is very curious about everything #PlanetBT #superpowers #Prince


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VAN – Guardian Space Robot

VAN is a space robot. VAN seems to know everything about the world. VAN protects BT21 24/7. #guardian #vehicle #transformation #robot

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KOYA – Smart Sleepyhead

Exceptionally bright and talented KOYA. Sleeping cutie full of thoughts. #talented #pillow #droopyeyes #removableears

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SHOOKY – Mini Prankster

Tiny SHOOKY loves jokes and magic tricks, especially ones on friends. SHOOKY is scared of milk. #fun #manyfaces #mini #CrunchySquad #friends #healingpower


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RJ – Kind, Polite, Loving, Foodie

RJ is kind and polite. RJ loves to cook and eat. RJ’s fluffy fur and warm heart make everyone feel they’re at home. #greetings #gentlesoul #parka #mumble

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CHIMMY – Innocent, “Work Hard, Play Hard”

CHIMMY is born with a passion for working hard on everything. CHIMMY enjoys wearing a yellow hoodie. #passion #workhard #playhard #passion #yellowhoodie

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MANG Mystery Dancer

When dancing, MANG is cooler than ever. MANG’s true identity remains a secret. MANG always puts on a mask, #Heartshapednose #mask #bestdancer #mystery

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COOKY – Unexpectedly Muscular, Heart Buttocks

COOKY hopes to break out of the stereotypes from the cherubic appearance and become tough and strong. #unbalanced #eyebrows #heartbutt #imaginarymuscles

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