Kpop BTS Merch

Kpop BTS Merch

Kpop BTS Merch

Kpop BTS Merch is abbreviated form of Bangtan Sonyeondan. This group is also known as Beyond the Scene and Bulletproof Boy scouts. BTS is a famous international Korean Brand. BTS is a group of seven South Korean boys. The band was formed in Seoul in 2013.  They have introduced a wide range of genres in hip hop music field. The main theme of their music is youth student life problems, losses, mental health problems, journey of loving someone and socialism.

BTS Merchandise

BTS merchandise working as an e-commerce store. It promises to provide products curated for A.R.M.Y. BTS Merch offers free delivery for their customers to virtually any address. Their core values are:

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Fast and reliable support 24/7.
  • Queries solution within 24 hours.
  • Insured shipping.

BT21 Merchandise

BT21 is a project of both Line Friend Creators and BTS. BT21 offers collection of characters sketched, designed and elaborated under the supervision of BTS members. Kpop stars are the apple of the eyes of the fans. The beloved characters in BT21 are:

  • Kim Namjoon as Koya
  • Jung Hoseok as Mang
  • Kim Sekojin as RJ
  • Min Joongi as Shooky
  • Park Jimin as Chimmy
  • Kim Taehyung as Tata
  • Jeon Jungkook as Cooky

These characters are sketched on the products of BT21 like hoodies, key chains, speakers, chargers, headbands, hair brushes, phone cases and many more.

Kpop BTS Merch 

BTS Merch Hoodie

BTS merchandise hoodie is considered the best option to become a style icon. BTS merch hoodie is designed by skill labor giving hoodie a fashionable, soft, tidy and decent outlook. BTS hoodie is designed in such a way so that it can be wore whole year. BTS hoodies have a monogram printed on them and gives a feeling of connection with BTS to others. BTS hoodies are available in various colors including standard casual hoodies, loose type hoodies, off shoulder hoodies and so on…

Bangtan Boys Merch

Bangtan boys merch includes high quality Bangtan Boys inspired t-shirts, posters, bands,  mugs, bracelets, stickers and many more featuring designs by BTS artists. Bangtan Boys Merch produces Bangtan boys gifts one at a time in socially responsible way.

BTS Merch Mask

BTS merch mask is designed to protect the face and the BTS love yourself keeps one up to date to a style icon. BTS merch mask is made up of cotton designed for unisex. It is used as anti-dust. It is designed in Korean style.

BTS Bags and Backpacks

BTS designs cool bags and backpacks especially for students. Backpacks are available in different sizes:

  • Smaller for laptops
  • Larger ones for books

Backpacks feature a lot of sections including secret pockets,  luminous logos and USB connectors.

BTS T-Shirts

As t-shirts are an important part of wardrobes nowadays, BTS t-shirts also known as tees are made up of stretchable, soft and easily cleanable material. BTS t-shirts are available in designs like:

  • Unique loose style
  • Standard style
  • Cropped style
  • Short sleeve style

BTS t-shirts are adorable, feels better and soft in wearing.

BT21 Merch:

There is no gender discrimination in BT21 merchandise their products are available for both girls and the boys to showcase their fandom. BT21 merchandise as abstracted above offers products designed according to the collection of stickers of stars of BTS. Top BT21 merchs are:

Chimmy related merch:

BT21 has designed products like spa headband, plush keychain and much more for the fans that weakness is Park Jimmin’s smile, giggles and dance.


Cooky related merch

Cooky Pong Pong Cushion, Cooky Wireless Silent Mouse and many more products are designed on the model of Cooky sticker for the fans of Jeon  Jungkook.

Shooky related merch

Min Joongi’s  gummy smile and grumpy old nature fascinates BT21 Shooky Plush Headband, Shooky Hairbrush and so on…. Shooky’s sketch reflects its attitude in real life.

Mang related merch

Jung Hoseok’s  considers Mang as his soul mate. Hoseok sketched Mang as a spirit animal and named him as a symbol of hope. According to Hoseok’s, Mang hides a lot of secrets under his smile. Mang decorative throw pillow and  Mang Dancers T-shirt is actual picture of Mang’s smile and his spirit.

Koya based merch

Koya and Kim Namjoon’s faces are exactly same when they smile. Koya is fond of thinking and sleeping. Koya portable speakers and Koya Wireless QI charger are physical interpretation of Koya and Kim’s smile.

Why Kpop Bae?

In the rapidly developing world, everyone wants to keep himself according to the style icons of that time. BTS and Blackpink brands are practicing the overwhelming response from the fans. Fans want to adopt the catchy life style of their favorite popular Artists.

Kpop Bae is a Korean Pop singing band. Kpop Bae provides all the products either produced or produced for BTS, BT21 and Blackpink bands on a single platform. Kpop bae provides quality products in reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is the core value of Kpop Bae. Kpop Bae offers exchange and refund policy for the product in case customer is not satisfied with the product. Kpop Bae values the time and money of the customer and offers different discounts to the customers. Kpop Bae keeps the customers outfit up to date by updating the trending arrivals.

Kpop Bae guarantees the sale of original branded products of the above mentioned bands keeping in view the satisfaction of the customers.

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