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BT21 Cartoon Face Mask

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Trendy and new BT21 Cartoon Face Masks that suits all Kpop lovers.

  • 7 Different face masks
  • Different cartoon for each BT21 member

BT21 Cartoon Face Mask Description

Looking for a funny dust-proof mask? BT21 Cartoon Face Mask is just for you.

The foggy and dusty weather has become frequent, & the fresh air is getting more polluted. You and your children need to equip themselves with a protective mouth mask. These BT21 Cartoon Face Mask come with an excellent material to create a safe & anti-dust way, and then to provide you more thoughtful & comprehensive protection. Just like an active natural shield against all pollution, you can still be chic and vibrant even in bad weather with our masks. These masks can keep you tidy and cozy the whole day by preventing the invasion of all dust, polluted air, vehicles smoke, sandy air, etc. Adjust the ear loops on both sides of the mask until the length is fittable enough to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. Also, is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to breathe through. It has soft lining with a smooth face contact surface that provides comfort.

BT21 Cartoon Face Mask Features

  • Perfect for daily protection: Great for everyday use, while playing, walking, shopping, or any public area.
  • Healthy breathing: Our Anti-Dust mask is designed for comfortable protection against dust, pollen, fumes, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles. It will help you breathe in a cleaner & healthier way.
  • Keeps you safe & healthy: This mask will help you to get rid of dust, pollution, pollen, germs, allergy, smog, vehicle exhaust, sandy air, passive smoking, and all bad air, etc.
  • Comfortable to wear: The ear loops of this mask are easy to adjust so the cover can fit perfectly over your nose and mouth. Size can be changed easily.
  • Reusable and washable: This face mask is reusable and washable, you could wash it if it is dirty, more eco-friendly.

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These BTS mouth masks certainly are an example of the perfect BTS Accessories Merch. Also a perfect match for the BTS fans and ARMY. Also, it has a BTS logo so you can go in the streets of your country without being looking paranoid.
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