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BT21 Cute Face Masks

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Cute Face Masks that resembles all the BT21 members in a very cute way.

  • 5 Different colors
  • 6 Different BT21 members on each color

BT21 Cute Face Masks Description

Looking for a durable face mask? Look no further! These BT21 Cute Face Masks have high durability that you need.

Now you can move freely in the crowd with our face mask. These BT21 Cute Face Masks is made from a double layer of 100% natural black cotton fabric combine with Waterproof Technology for the repellent effect. Also,  We recommend hand washing and hanging dry the cloth face mask washable between uses for the best care of these masks. Stretchy cotton cloth mask design with one-size-fits-all and soft elastic, flexible ear loops are adjustable for both men and women. The mask will not hurt your ears even after wear the face mask all day. It will help you breathe in a cleaner, healthier way. Suitable for any sports, e.g., cycling, skateboarding, hiking, camping, traveling, climbing, etc.

BT21 Cute Face Masks Features

  • Pure Material: The masks are made of 100% pure cotton, natural to breathe, and comfortable to wear, will not hurt your skin.
  • Adjustable Ear loops: The Face Mask with stretchy adjustable ear loops for tightly fitting, comfortable to wear, and off! It can be used not only to keep dust away but also to make you look more beautiful.
  • Provides Protection: Our cotton masks certainly protect you from dust, wind, pollution, Smoke, Smog, Ash, Pollen, Crafts, Gardening, Travel, Anonymity, etc.
  • Soft & Lightweight: It is made with ultra-soft and lightweight double layers of black cotton cloth face mask.
  • Comfortable & safe to wear: Our mask is Eco friendly. It is a non-toxic, non-irritating, soft, and breathable cloth mask for everyday use.
  • Reusable: The face masks are reusable and washable, the outer liquid-repellent coating of the covers will last up to 30 washes.

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These BTS mouth masks certainly are an example of the perfect BTS Accessories Merch. Also, a perfect match for the BTS fans and ARMY. Also, it has a BTS logo so you can go in the streets of your country without being looking paranoid.
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Blue Chimmy, Blue Cooky, Blue Koya, Blue Mang, Blue Rj, Blue Shooky, Khaki Chimmy, Khaki Cooky, Khaki Rj, Khaki Rj 2, Khaki Shooky, Khaki Tata, Pink Chimmy, Pink Cooky, Pink Koya, Pink Mang, Pink Rj, Pink Tata, Purple Chimmy, Purple Cooky, Purple Mang, Purple RJ, Purple Shooky, Purple Tata, White Chimmy, White Cooky, White Mang, White RJ1, White RJ2, White Shooky, White Tata


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