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BTS UNO is the upgraded version of the UNO classic game allows us to ignite our inner dancing diva and perform routines like never before. You can get your opponents dancing with the special Dancing Wild card that can be played in the game. It is simply a different game and has different rule.


It is not the classic UNO game. It is BTS UNO allows us to ignite our inner dancing diva and perform routines like never before. You can get your opponents dancing with the special Dancing card that can be played in the game.

This new take on the classic game brings card game lovers and Bangtan Boys fans and ARMY together. The irresistible theme of the BTS playing cards makes it perfect for K-pop fans and those who are looking for something exciting in their lives. The combination of skill and dance moves makes for a game night that everyone will remember.

The colorful deck of the BTS playing cards feature images of the gorgeous Bangtan Boys members on each card and a special “Dancing card ” rule that makes the game even more fun.

Bangtan Boys is a pop-culture music phenomenon. It transcends culture, language and age. And through the fun and exciting merchandise that is available, it offers a way for millions of people from all across the world to engage with the band and build a closer relationship with Bangtan Boys.

Now, we have the opportunity to dance along with Bangtan Boys in the latest edition of Bangtan Boys UNO. Yes, it is the classic card game as we know it, but with a little bit of a twist and a whole lot of other peppy dance moves this colorful. It is more than just a card game..

BTS Playing Card Rules

Just like our go-to card game of UNO, in BTS Playing Card, you have to match the cards according to the color or their number to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Whoever is able to do this first, wins.

You can also play action cards in Bangtan Boys UNO such as Reverse and wild draw , Skip, Draw Four to outsmart your opponents. The twist to this game is that when someone play the Dancing Wild card, the next player has to perform their favorite BTS dance routine with all the player as the audience! Otherwise, they would have to draw three additional card. When you are on your last card, you have to yell “UNO”, and then you are crowned the winner!

In BTS UNO, the game lasts longer, the laughs are louder and we get a way to connect closer to the band. Could it get any better?

Card Pack

The BTS playing cards have a 112 card deck along with instructions. And features images of BTS The pack includes:

? Bangtan Boys UNO consists of 19 Red card, yellow card, blue card and green card from numbers 0 to 9 for you to match. ?

❤️The playing card include 8 Draw Two cards, reverse card, skip card. ❤️

♣️ The BTS playing cards have 4 Wild Cards to change the color. ♣️

♦️ Bangtan Boys UNO also has 4 Wild Draw four cards to change color and draw four additional cards. ♦️

? Last but not the least, the card include 4 exciting Dancing Wild cards to amp up the games. ?

BTS UNO is the new and improved, super-fun version of our family-favorite card game. It can be played at parties or on a relaxed Sunday afternoon, and even makes as a great gift. It works for Bangtan Boys fans and ARMY as well as those who just need to spruce up their usual card game! Because it comes with the Bangtan Boys images, it is considered as the perfect BTS Accessories merch. Because it connect player to a another play, also connecting all the ARMY together.

How much Is BTS UNO?

Add this to your cart and buy this amazing Bangtan Boys playing cards. Worth only 12.99 USD.

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